Who I Am

Hello! I'm Edgar Vargas

Originally from dusty Eastern Washington, I moved to the Seattle area where I attended Lake Washington Technical College and pursued the Multimedia Design program. In addition to studying every aspect of video production to obtain the Audio/Video degree, I cultivated my knowledge in other areas of Multimedia, and graduated with a degrees in the Print Design and Web Design programs as well.

While in Washington I worked for the City of Redmond for the Old Fire House Teen Center, as the Computer Lab Coordinator. It was a rewarding position that allowed me to expand my web design skills, but I saw the need to be in an environment where my Audio/Video skills would be more in demand. So I relocated to San Jose, CA and I’ve been here ever since.

I spent a few years working at a local UPS store where I had the opportunity to further sharpen my design skills by creating business cards and large print banners. Then in late 2012 I was able to gain a position with Mountz, a torque tool company. I started out as an intern and worked my to a full-time position as the Marketing Videographer. I create all of Mountz’s video related media, as well help with photography. Over the years I have built my skills and experience and have become more proficient in my pre and post production abilities.

I’ve also maintained a small business of my own, that has allowed me to further improve my skill experience, by working with other local videographers. This has presented situations that I might not otherwise experience with my job at Mountz. It also allowed me to interact with interesting people from some of Silicon Valleys biggest companies. I’ve been able to work as a P.A., second shooter, and primary shooter on projects that included Netflix, Pebble, IBM, Synopsis and ARM to name a few.

What I Do

I Love to Edit Video!

Audio/Video production is where I shine. I have a passion and drive to make any video perfect. It’s not uncommon for me to scrutinizing every frame, every pixel, to make sure every aspect is beautiful and perfect. Whether its for marketing, business, an artistic piece or to capture a moment, every video has an audience that needs to be reached.

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I Work in Print and Web Too!

At Mountz I also do a fair amount of photography work. Most of this work end up on the website. I am able to make this extra contribution because of my skill and experience in print and graphic design. It helps with my video work as well. I focus clean and simple design work. Over time I have added beauty and flair to my designs expanding my skills from their utilitarian nature.